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About SFSC


The Skaneateles Figure Skating Club (SFSC) provides instruction, practice and skill development in the sport of figure skating and all that it encompasses for skaters of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. This includes, but is not limited to, Moves in the Field, Free Skating, Pair Skating, Ice Dancing, and Synchronized Team Skating. We celebrate those that wish to compete on the ice and those that enjoy skating as recreation. We encourage and promote teamwork among our skaters, as well as self-discipline and personal responsibility on and off the ice. We strive to promote habits that encourage health and lifelong fitness. We are governed by U.S. Figure Skating and adhere to all its rules and regulations therein.


Programs Offered

Learn to Skate

The Skaneateles Figure Skating Club and the YMCA have joined forces to offer one year of FREE ice skating lessons to YMCA members. Click here to check out the registration packet and Session times.

Junior Membership

Sign up for the Skaneateles Junior Membership! Click here for more details about scheduling and signups.

Synchronized Team Skating

This team event has as the objective the ability for the team to skate as a unit, not drawing attention to any one skater, demonstrating unison and artistry while performing complex moves to music. The Bluewater Blades teams represent the Skaneateles FSC in competitions along the East Coast and nationwide.